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How to Buy IMPT Token

IMPT is the latest Web3 project to lead the fight against global warming and climate change. The platform’s advanced carbon mar...
October 7, 2022

BNB Chain back online after suspension due to a cross-chain exploit

After a brief network suspension as the result of a cross-chain hack, the activity on the BNB Chain is back online. BNB Chain, ...
October 7, 2022

Bitcoin clings to $20K as whale pressure keeps resistance in control

Traders look for volatility triggers as BTC price action continues within an all-too-familiar trading range. Bitcoin (BTC) saw ...
October 7, 2022

This Little Known DeFi Token Is Attracting Investors

This DeFi token, which only ranks 138th among cryptocurrencies according to total market capitalization, is starting to make so...

Bear market didn't stop crypto firms from hiring, says recruitment exec

Recruitment firm executive Clayton Pullum said that companies have become more strategic when it comes to hiring during the cry...
October 7, 2022

Bitcoin Struggles To Retain The $20,000 Mark While ENS Protocol Gains

In the past two days, Bitcoin triumphantly hit the critical level of $20K. This sudden push from the primary crypto asset was a...
October 7, 2022

Investors Must Avoid These Levels To Cut Losses

Investors, who are keeping a close eye on Bitcoin Cash and want to avoid losses, should steer clear of these crucial price poin...

Court docs reveal details about thousands of Celsius customers

The data of thousands of Celsius customers revealed in court also included its executives showing millions withdrawn from the p...

670K-follower ETH Classic account turns into Ergo: What happened?

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has repurposed the Ethereum Classic Twitter account to now benefit the Ergo Platform. Followe...
October 7, 2022

Is Buying Bitcoin Safe?

No investment is without risk, but investing in bitcoin carries different risks and responsibilities compared to traditional investments of stocks, bonds and funds. And the bitcoin investor plays a big role in keeping their bitcoin safe. Many investors piled into bitcoin after it broke the $20,000 barrier in December 2020 and continued its bull run into April, when the spot price surged above $64,000. But in the months after, the price began a long decline, with the spot price falling below $32,000 by early June. Longtime investors in cryptocurrency had seen this before. Bitcoin reached its previous record high in December 2017, when the spot price came near $20,000, and one year later the spot price was below $3,400. So when investing in bitcoin, understand that the value can drop quickly — and may take years to regain previous highs.

Investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be risky

Risk is inherent in any investment, but especially with bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrencies. It’s important to take the long view with your investments, to keep your overall portfolio in balance, and never to purchase more bitcoin (or any single company stock, or other standalone investment) than you can afford to lose.

Advantages of Bitcoin?

There are many pros and cons of Bitcoin, and it is important to understand what advantages this cryptocurrency can bring. There are top 4 advantages: 1. Accessibility and Liquidity 2. User Anonymity and Transparency 3. Independence From Central Authority 4. High Return Potential However, always do your own research and make sure you are aware of the risks and cons as well.